With all the chaos going on with government based jobs, once again we see the challenge in having no control over your life. Truth is, even if the government doors are closed, “The Internet is ALWAYS OPEN”.
Imagine having a business of your own, where the money NEVER SLEEPS….
Imagine being able to generate an income from people ALL OVER THE WORLD, even when you’re sleeping!
Imagine, waking up EVERY DAY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, rather than being forced to do something based on what you’re forced to do…. all to simply pay your bills!

This Wednesday (10/2) @ 9PM EST, we will be hosting a Webinar where we share with you the 3 Simple Steps to Freedom, and how you can create a successful career online…
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See you on the Webinar.. and get ready to kick the economical uncertainty in the gut, as you learn how to create your own Career Online!

Be Bold & Take Action,

Ant Polonio




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In just a few weeks, the “Blog Beast” will be unleashed, and when it does… blogging and marketing will never be the same again.

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See you on the Inside,


Shaping Lives Today & Tomorrow,

Anthony B Polonio

Online Business Video Marketer & Blogging Travel Consultant, Coach & Speaker





“Competition as we know it is dead. Collaboration is the new competition. It’s about working with each other, not against. Together we all win.”

If you have a product, program, or service that you would want to get in front of your target audience FAST, partnering with other entrepreneurs is the way to go!

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However, getting your first  set of  potential partners is not easy when you are first starting out. What you would want is to partner with successful partners who already has the skill set on building a client list and is known in the online marketing industry.

Here we attract list of subscribers who want to become clients! We don’t chase people!

Empower Network is a FAST membership-based community of coaches, trainers, and speakers who are eager to partner with you!

Created by two of the top leaders in the online marketing & coaching industry, David Wood and David Sharpe, it is the first and only unique global educational system in the marketplace, where you can reach many partners fast and easy… even if you’re just starting out!

If you’ve been looking for a community of like – minded entrepreneurs ready to support you, collaborate with you, and promote you and your business, then our proven success formula and training program is just right for you!

To learn more, click the link below to watch a FREE video that will unveil the formula to attracting new clients and generating more revenue for your business (Even If You’re Brand New).

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See you on the Inside,

Ant Polonio

Skype ID: Ant.Polonio


Phone: 214-600-8286



Dave’s been all over the past few months.

 He got engaged in Rome, then hopped around Europe for a couple weeks.
We put on an event for almost 6,000 people in Denver and previewed the new platform we’re launching in the next 30 days.
(details to come, just know, it’s going to be BIG)
And he just got back from Miami, where we filmed and masterminded our upcoming launch, and how to help our team make A LOT of money from the (MASSIVE) opportunity that awaits.
You hear from me a lot, but the truth is…. I have A TON of teammates who are succeeding at levels most people can only dream of.
Tonight… case in point.
Here’s a guy who just a year ago was stuck in a cubicle.
And a short time before that, the thought of making 5-figures a month seemed impossible to him.
(If I shared what he’s made in the last 18 months in his biz … might not believe it anyway)
Let’s just say he’s not in that cubicle anymore :-)
Tonight, he’s going to share exactly what he did to escape his cubicle FOR GOOD.
He’s going to analyze it and break it down (he did used to be a mechanical engineer, ya know).
And most importantly….
He’s going to break down how you can do it, too.
(that is.. if you want to escape the cubicle yourself, or make some extra money online. Or hell, maybe you’re the ambitious type… and want to do what he did and create a FULL-TIME income from your cell phone and laptop traveling the world).
Bottom line, you will learn something you didn’t know about making money online… from someone who’s just like you and is NOW making a significant income online for himself.
Just dial in at 9pm EST: (209) 255-1040
After that, if you decide you want to work directly with us join right here.
With Dave Sharpe
I’ll see you on :-)
-  Ant Polonio
PS. I shot this really cool video down in Miami. Check it out and leave me your thoughts…
BIGASS OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: If you buy something from me or join my team I will earn a commission. And obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business – as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication . Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we’ve gone above and beyond with our income disclosure document. If you want to see the average earnings, please see our  Full Income Disclosure. Make Sense?

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